Date Nut Pinwheel Cookies

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 This recipe makes three rolls of dough, which can be frozen until ready to bake.

Date Nut Pinwheel Cookies 


  • 1 cup butter (at room temperature)  
  • 2 cups packed brown sugar
  • 3 large eggs eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 4 ½ cups all-purpose flour
  • 8 ounces dates, pitted and chopped
  • 1 cup finely chopped pecans
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cup white sugar


 Step 1

Cream the butter and brown sugar together in a mixing bowl until smooth. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Stir in the vanilla. Sift the cinnamon, salt, baking soda, and flour together in a second mixing bowl. Slowly stir the flour mixture into the egg mixture until evenly blended.

 Step 2

Divide the dough evenly into three portions and place each on a square of waxed paper. Wrap and refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour.

 Step 3

Meanwhile, make the filling by combine the dates, pecans, water and white sugar in a saucepan set over low heat. Cook and stir until the filling has a paste-like consistency. Cool slightly.

 Step 4

Working with one portion at a time, roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to make a rectangle about 1/4 inch thick. Spread 1/3 of the filling evenly over the dough; roll up to make a log. Repeat the process with the remaining dough. Refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour.

 Step 5

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C). Lightly grease two baking sheets.

 Step 6

Using a sharp, serrated knife, cut the rolls into 1/4 inch slices. Place the slices on prepared baking sheets.

 Step 7

Bake in preheated oven until set and lightly browned, about 15 minutes. Cool on racks.


adsense 336x280

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